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How is like to be in a city without cars?

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Inspired by Matt Logue’s Empty LA.

How would it be to live in a megacity and waking up in the morning finding that all cars are gone and there’s not any kind of motor vehicle in the city?

Personally I think it would be something amazing, at least if only for a single day, make all people to go to work on bicycles, trams, metro and other systems that were not so contaminant as cars and buses.

This video shows the city of Los Angeles in California, completely out of cars, making the traffic lights useless, also comes with a pretty nice music that makes us think that one day couldbe possible.

This is a rather interesting video I found floating around .. the truth is rather deserted the city.

It would be more entertaining if instead of being the city alone could see people walkingor cycling, as it seems a video made on the day of the final World Cup.

Something similar to this situation occurred in the city of Santiago de Chile a look, even for one day, the town had transit buses, and despite the collective chaos that this created, never before has the air of the city never looked so clean level that could see the whole mountain in a winter day, the amount of noise a lot and even under changes were noted visually.

Of course that this is what people of Copenhagen or Amsterdam lives everyday, but here in LA it is still far to obtain, but thanks to initiatives like this, this doesn’t look so far.

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