Art|November 8, 2011 5:27 pm

Street Art with Nature

street Art with Nature
It is very interesting how the art is being created these days, as first it was used to be done in cave walls, then it passed into papyri, then admired on the pyramids walls, to the italian canvas painters and nowadays it could be done in anything from canvas, walls, to trees, or mailboxes.

I was observing an art collective group website on Facebook, and I found it very inspiring, because it is a form of art that besides that it was made for producing any emotion or influencing on the person that is viewing them, they do a statement about nature: That it is losing it’s place on earth or its being destroyed.

Well It is a different way of protesting where the nature is the focus.

I’ll leave you some pictures for you to see.

Via StreetartUtopia


  • Thanks for pointing those reorcsues out. I’ll add the podcast to my personal list and check it out. I did get a duplicate of the book along with let me followers realize too. Appreciate the knowledge!

  • Idk..I kind of like them. Usually they’re kind of big because I like when a guy sucks on my neck raelly hard (fetish XD) and sometimes it’s like a reminder. And I don’t mind people knowing cuz everyone does it. It’s my mom who I don’t want bugging me about it. =_= Nice comic ♥

  • I make a similar goulash with beef and paprika – yours looks gorgeous. I love the close-up shot. I hope no vampires came to visit for a taste. I can't read Anne Rice. I hate to admit it, but I get nightmares. Sam

  • I love this poem Harvey. I liked it when I first heard you read it at Aunt Daisy's, I liked it when I read it in Enamel, and I still like it a lot now. The end is a killer. Thanks!