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Emergency Modular Housing for Natural Disasters

I was watching this project and I realized that it is a very good example that could be easily replicable for emergency situations like the one living in the south of Chile after the Earthquake.

This is a project that was  done for helping the Haiti’s Earthquake refugees, with a design that is looking ahead to the problems they have with hurricane season approaching this June, with all the rains and flooding that this could represent.

Haiti had at least 8 out of 10 buildings with structural damage, which means that many people in the streets and living in temporary locations, which are generally unsuitable for them because they are the suitable places for diseases and social problems.


This is why an initiative born from a company called “Green Containers International”, is aiming to recycle old unused containers at different ports around the world and use them as emergency housing support and step using current technologies to stop reconditioning emergency situations, where new tenants have to use as little energy as possible.

The curious fact is that Dominican Republic has already approved the use of these containers to house people from Haiti.

Something similar was seen in Chile with emergency housing donated by privates; now would be even better iflarge estates were formed (not if cities) but villages to help the victims as in the Dominican Republic.

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