Cities, Tv|August 12, 2012 5:09 pm

San Francisco in 3 Minutes

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I posted this video because San Francisco is one of my favorite cities (if it is not the favorite).

I would say that it looks like a very organized city that people likes to use their public spaces and shares that taste of doing outdoor activities in baseball parks, green areas, parks, and marinas.

Besides the fact that the weather in San Francisco is very pleasant it doesn’t have much sun during summer, which is the only downside, because the winters in The bay area are not that bad at all.

San Fran shares a unique way of life that is shared by most of the people of the Bay Area, and it is known in the states because of being a “different city” that is much more laid back than other big cities in the US (of course you won’t be able to see this in this video.. but it could give you an Idea.)

For me .. I Like the fact that it is one of those Little Big cities that are important globally and it is close to the beach, the snow, the mountains, national parks; and it is well connected.

Well I hope you enjoy the peculiatity of this video that it is made with a technology that is called time-lapse tilt shift photography.

Have fun.. see you in San Fran