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Nicholas Grimshaw Experimental Wind Turbine

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Great Britain has been in the last years one of the biggest investors in wind power of the world, developing a series of offshore wind farms, specially in the Scottish northern coasts, where they have reached an installed capacity of 11,440 [GWh]. (“World Wind Energy Report 2010”(PDF). Report. World Wind Energy Association. February 2011. Retrieved 8-December-2011.)

As a part of the energy investment of the UK in renewable energies, the development is driving the UK to test and create new designs of turbines in order to obtain bigger generation capacity, although still maintaining the efficiency limit in 59.3% (Betz Limit)

Nicholas Grimshaw, together with Arup and Wind Power Ltd. , designed a prototype of wind turbine that is much bigger than the usual wind turbines, and can also generate more energy than the actual biggest wind turbine; the Enercon E-126.

The Enercon E-126 has a theoretical capacity of 7.58 [MW], while this turbine has a capacity of 10.0 [MW], exceeding this turbine by 2.42 [MW], almost a 25%; this is not bad for a vertical axis turbine that is practically a wind sculpture.

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