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Bicycle city, The Bicycles that changed an entire city.

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Bicycle City

is a documentary that shows the life of a how an entire city is affected due to the import of 25,000 bicycles from the United States, generating progress and development in the community, making their neighbors out of underdevelopment.

How can a bicycle change the life of an entire city?

One of the great problems of underdevelopment is the lack of ease to transport, making most of the people obligated to walk to get around. This makes the distance that a person can travel on a regular day very limited, which limits their possibilities.

The city of Rivas in Nicaragua, suffered the evils of war, leaving the country in a bad situation of poverty and underdevelopment, and their inhabitants were suffering from the lack of connection in their city, making their life more difficult, having to travel great distances on a daily basis taking much more time than what it would take on a good public transportation system.

David Schweidenback was one of the pioneers in this city to bring a solution, a solution as simple as bringing bikes from the US. It is estimated that more than 25,000 bikes came forever changing the way to get around the city of Rivas.
Now this roadless, unpetroled city is full of bicycles that are making their citizens not only to transport themselves, but also their goods and new business is arriving into town.

This is a very interesting documentary and simple account of how a city that had no oil or asphalt roads two today seem not to need as people got used to his bike.

In this case “the Bike City”, the bicycle played a very strong role developer and is an example for our cars in crowded cities.

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