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William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the Wind Power

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This is the Story of how William Kamkwamba, a Malawian kid took advantage of the WIND POWER that was in his town to obtain a better life for his family becaming an example for the entire Africa.

William Kamkwamba

is a little kid, that as most of the kids in Malawi, goes to the highschool every weekday;  until one day his father tell him that because of the drought that is afflicting Malawi, they are no longer capable of sending him to school.

Sad because of this, little William decides to go to the public Library and study by himself.

After reading a couple of them he finds one called “Using Energy”, that talks about wind turbines, so he decides to build one by himself in order to create a pump for the plantation of their family.

It took him a couple of months and some laughs from his neighbours, to collect all the materials required for the wind turbine from the local landfill, finding and old tractor fan (which was later refurbished upgrading the size of the blades), a broken bicycle, a car battery to store the power, and many more that allowed him to assemble the first wind turbine.

After completing the fist wind turbine, It was the first time that William Kamkwamba’s village saw the electric lights, so no one was laughing now.

Even having this wind turbine generator, William’s family was still not having enough money to send him to school so he decided to build a second wind turbine but this time this one will help the family’s economy, a wind water pump that would get water for the village plantations to deal with the drought.

William Kamkwamba
After all of this wind turbines, William Kamkwamba started gaining attention from the local media, hitting the newspapers and becoming a sort of national celebrity, which made him to win a scholarship to study in the capital city of Malawi.

In September, 2008, William started as one of 97 inaugural students at the African Leadership Academy, a new pan-African prep school based outside of
Johannesburg, South Africa whose mission is to educate the next generation with rigorous academics, ethical leadership training, entrepreneurship and design.

This is a story of overcoming the undeveloping world and water droughts with just imagination and fighting to obtain a better life for his family and his own.
It is a very moving story about William, who hopefully will continue helping their family, friends and people that still lives in the same conditions that he once lived.