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Greenpix – Zero Energy Screen by Simone Giostra

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Simone Giostra & Partners developed a zero energy screen that will show to the world that you can be bold and aggressive by understanding the complexities of a world where the buildings are supposed to serve it’s inhabitants using this building as a mean of expression more than a device that would deplete the energy and the dreams of China to show their culture to the world.


It’s Beijing 2008, the Olympics are on the horizon and China needs to show to the entire world that is more that a ultra-controlling country and needs to take advantage of this huge opportunity of having all the world watching their every move for more than a year thanks to the Olympics, and what better manner than showing it with a screen….. but not any screen…. A Zero Energy Screen!.

It’s a very simple concept, a building housing interactive arts, Chinese media arts that are reproduced in the façade of the building by a screen; the most remarkable feature of this screen is that in order to reproduce this media it has to collect during the day the energy necessary to light up the display that will show the media during the night.

GreenPix - Zero Energy Screen
Screen During Daytime
Screen During Nightime

……..And how does a Zero Energy Screen Works?

It’s more simple than it looks.. It is basically solar panels that are above a series of Led lights connected to a source that displays the image.

The Southern Façade of the building (we suppose) that is closed by a curtain wall, has thousands of solar cells attached to the glasses that are connected to each other forming a solar array that is capable of collecting the energy from the sun in the day, and behind the solar cells are a series of Led lights that when on, can reproduce different colors and make a gigantic screen.

It was supposed that this Zero Energy Screen will show artists from Europe, Americas (the U.S. also) and China, but it is more than obvious that the curation of these media expressions would be by the Chinese government making it different than what we are used in the western world.

Anyway, it is located in Xicui Road, Beijing, China, so if you have anytime go and see it so you can send us pictures.

I’ll Leave you with Simone Giostra Exposition about technology, it’s media screen and the chinese government.. enjoy

Simone Giostra – Media/Energy/Performance – ALD Istanbul 2010 from PLD Türkiye on Vimeo.