Architecture, Projects|January 29, 2013 12:55 pm

The Greater London Authority – Norman Foster

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The Greater London Authority is one of Norman Foster’s most iconic buildings that he has designed in London city center.

The London City Hall houses the most important building for the city, the place were the important decisions about the city matters are being done, and for that London in a very english manner, has a monumental and iconic building made by London´s most distinguished architect.

This building is located in the south bank of the Thames river, very close to the London Tower in London England, and it is the result of the actual development in sustainable architect that the english architecture is developing nowadays.

London City Hall

The London weather is very wet, humid and cold most of the months of the year, it´s highest temperature is of 25 degrees and the lowest rarely goes below 0º C, the humidity is normally high being more than 80% in average, and the rains are of 591 mm  annually average.

This will set the thermal strategy for this building, which consists in capturing the most sun possible

This made it to function with only 25% of the normal office building use of energy, this by studying the building form and geometry to achieve less solar gain and heat losses, with the help of a strong thermal envelope.

This building is rather big for being a sustainable building, this is because it is often believed that this kind of buildings have to be small and compact, rather than big and open like this one.

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