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Hempcrete or Hemp Concrete

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Would you ever imagine that a resource as controversial as the hemp would be so useful for construction, and house building?

A material that was considered as a home wrecker in the past is now becoming a home builder these days because of its generous advantages if it is compared to the insulation capacity of normal bricks or regular cement. The first question that appears in our mind is about the hallucinogenic effect of this resource which makes it to be banned from construction in hundreds of countries, but the difference between the plants used for this material and the ones used for consumption is that the hemp used for Hempcrete has a 0.2% of THC level while cannabis has an average of 15% of THC level, making this hemp not very hallucinogenic.

Hempcrete -

Hempcrete Magnified

The Hempcrete is made with a mixture of hemp fibres with lime, the high silica core of the hemp to bind very well with the lime and by leaving air in between wich makes the hempcrete to have wonderful insulating properties, making it an alternative to insulation materials not structural ones.

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The history of the Hempcrete goes back to the 6th century in France, where this material was used for building bridges, and since it was rediscovered it has observed a big reuse, especially in the UK and other countries in Europe. This rebirth of the Hempcrete is because Hemp itself is a beneficial crop requiring no fertilizer, weed killer, pesticide or fungicide, which makes this a very cost efficient material, but the biggest advantage of this materials resides in its capacity to capture carbon dioxide by a ratio of 1.4 by ton, meaning that by each ton of hemp it can capture up to 1.4 tons of CO2

The use of this material is very regulated because of the THC that it contains that is used as an hallucinogenic, but it can still be acquired in some countries in Europe and some US states.

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