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Solar Panels working on Gravity, Eden Full

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Eden Full is a young canadian girl who has been working with solar panels since I was a little girl, and now dazzles us with SunSaluter, which is a technology capable of filtering 4 lt of water a day and produce at least 40 % more solar energy.

Eden is a junior student at Princeton, and although her young age, she has already acquired some fame because of her inventions, which have led her to interviews for the Mashable  website or presentations at TED events .

Recently it has won several awards since its invention, el  SUNSALUTER

The SunSaluter is a technology that is capable of tracking the sun by moving the solar panels from East to West without occupying power , gaining up to 40% more energy daily and filter an average of about 4 liters of water daily .


How does it do this?




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