Architecture, Design, Wind Power|December 9, 2013 7:00 am

Renzo Piano’s Dragonfly wind turbine

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While many manufacturers of wind generators are focused on the development of large wind capacity generators to get as much energy as possible , Renzo Piano has decided to give this new generator another approach, a generator focused in light winds , focused in homes and small villages , where the challenge is to make this much more efficient turbine than the conventional turbines.

Together with the company ENEL Green Power, Renzo Piano presented his new design of a wind turbine which will be able to emulate the movement using dragonflies, and thereby to produce a maximum of 55 [ kW] , something like energy needed to maintain 15 houses.

The development of this turbine means not only technical challenges , but also means a social challenge, first because to install a system like this requires awareness of a community that is a common expense that will later generate a bigger income, second turbines have been producing noise problems to its neighbors because, and third the environmental problem generated (in 2009 a study by the Division of Migratory Bird Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service determined that U.S. wind turbines kill an estimated annual 440,000 birds per year).

Renzo Piano at takes care of the two last as this turbine is expected to move with such light winds as 2 m / s , with which will cause the turbine has a much lower rate , representing a lower risk to birds or insects, and generate much less noise ” the technique works because it relies on a thin turbines, which have been developed to replicate the look of a dragonfly in flight ” as well as this turbine has two propellers unlike conventional at least have three .

The turbine can be seen being tested in the italian city of Pisa, in the offices of ENEL .


Via ENEL Green Power