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Bill Gates and Caltech reinvent the wc

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The challenge “Reinventing the Toilet” was conducted during August 2013 as part of the efforts of the Bill & Melinda Gates, awarding $ 100,000 to the California Institute of Technology for a toilet that is capable of producing hydrogen and electricity.

It is well known that Bill Gates has the idea of returning to humanity so much that he gave him (thankfully) and in conjunction with the foundation  that he has with his wife Melinda, they launched the initiative ” Reinvent the Toilet ” as part of the strategy called water, sanitation and hygiene , for helping solve sanitation problems in developing countries.

The need for better services in the world is evident, because at least 40 % of the world’s population, some 2.5 billion people do not have basic water and sanitation systems which creates major problems for human health and the environment.   Annually at least 1.5 million people because of problems of diarrhoea, which not only kills but also prevents proper growth of children and therefore their development as adults.  

Reinvent the Toilet invited last year several universities to take part in a contest to design a toilet which without the use of tap water , sewer or electrical connections must transform human waste into useful materials or resources such as energy, water or natural resources.

For this they were awarded in the first stage, 13 of the Gates Foundation grants to universities that were developing systems toilets with the idea of ​​developing the best system of WC:  

+ Cranfield University

+ California Institute of Technology

+ Delft University of Technology

+ Eawag : Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, and EOOS

+ Loughborough University National University of Singapore

+ Eram Scientific Solutions Private Limited

+ Stanford University and the Climate Foundation

+ RTI International University of Kwazulu -Natal

+ University of Colorado Boulder + University of Toronto

+ The Asian Institute of Technology ( AIT )  

The award ceremony took place in August 2013 being the winner of $ 100,000 to develop the toilet Institute of Technology California second with $ 60,000 was awarded to the University of Loughborough and special recognition of $ 40,000 for EAWAG interface design for use in bathrooms.  

“Innovative solutions change people ‘s lives for the better, if we apply creative thinking to everyday , such as dealing with human waste challenges , we can solve some of the world ‘s toughest problems .” –  Said Foundation Co -chair Bill Gates.  

Now we just wait to see if these designs become massive, would be a breakthrough in combating problems such as diarrhoea, I’ll leave you with the ceremony award video.

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